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Smart City of Dubai: Transformation Challenges
While a person's share of electricity was one of the most important indicators to measure the progress of nations in the twentieth century, the International Internet Bandwidth per Capita now sits at the forefront of indicators that measure progress in the twenty-first century, the century of information and knowledge. The single user's share of international internet bandwidth in the UAE is still...

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ICT Use Index – 2013

The ICT Use Index covers four ICT parameters: PC installed base and the number of Internet users, mobile phones and fixed lines. The Index is calculated by adding up the values of these four parameters and dividing the sum by the country's population figure. A higher Index score indicates more aggressive ICT adoption in the country under question.

 Country End 2012
End 2013
 Bahrain 2.37 3.08
 Qatar 2.78 2.96
 UAE 2.59 2.84
 KSA 2.82 2.82
 Kuwait 2.34 2.67
 Libya 2.21 2.21
 Jordan 1.79 2.08
 Oman 2.38 2.02
 Morocco 1.72 1.89
 Tunisia 1.71 1.86
 Lebanon 1.64 1.72
 Egypt 1.47 1.65
 Algeria 1.36 1.42
 Palestine 1.16 1.29
 Syria 1.13 1.27
 Iraq 1.03 1.14
 Sudan 0.83 1.08
 Yemen 0.74 0.81
 Avrage 1.48 1.64

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